2019 Spring

Lan Zhang

Week 1

Hi, this is Lan!
I have a background in advertising, working as a creative art director before coming to Design and Technology Program at Parsons School of Design. In college I studied advertising and psychology. I spend a good amount of time in the nature hiking and observing interesting things around me. I try to get out of the city and be in the woods every weekend, getting fresh air and learning about trees, fungi, birds with my outdoor buddies. In the past, I’ve done projects and ad campaigns that are related to animals like anti-forestation PSA for wildlife protection. However, my focus and perspective on these projects have always been human-centered as my audiences have always been people. Therefore, I’m more than thrilled to learn and practice interaction design from a different angle, which I believe will help me cultivate a more well-rounded design perspective.

Softwares: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere, AfterEffect, Maya
Coding: JS(Front-End & Back-End), Html/CSS, Processing, Openframeworks(C++), Unity(C#,AR,VR), Arduino(Physical Computing)
Media: Photography, Videography

Contact info:

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  • 📍 New York City, NY